Sir Patrick Moore ( 1923-2012 )

Astronomer, broadcaster and author, Sir Patrick Moore passed away on 9th December 2012. On Sunday 9th December 2012 the world of astronomy lost one of its most endearing and knowledgeable personalities when Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, Patrick to us all, passed away at his home in Sussex aged 89. Since the 1950s Patrick has become a part of every astronomer’s life, either through his wonderful writing, enthralling talks or television and radio broadcasts and you would be hard pressed to find an astronomer who has not heard of him. His friendliness and willingness to talk and advise everyone endeared him to all. We will mourn his passing but the legacy he has left us will ensure that we will all celebrate his life for a very long time to come – we may be poorer for his passing, but we are far richer for his life. – Robin Smitten Some CNAAG members were very fortunate to visit him at his home in Selsey in 2009.

The group in his study


With Robin and David


15″ Newtonian reflector