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The CNAAG founding chairman Robin Smitten meets the Burbidges.

Geoffrey  Burbidge was born in Chipping Norton and attended  the local Grammar School. He was an outstanding theoretical astrophysicist of his generation .  Together with his wife Margaret Burbidge, an observational astronomer,  they gained an international reputation for their work with Fred Hoyle  and William Fowler on stellar nucleo-synthesis and so proved in the 1950s that we are all made of stardust. 

Left to right:  Paul Burbidge,  Sarah (daughter of Geoffrey  & Margaret)  with her son Connor and Robin.

Sarah & Connor on a visit from the USA to see their relative Paul were collecting a photo gift from CNAAG to the legendary astronomer Margaret Burbidge for her 100th birthday.

Margaret Burbidge

Home  galaxy from  our main observing site the Rollright Stones –  an image by CNAAG member Mel Gigg

CNAAG outreach in the town centre for the Eclipse of 2015

Moon observing from the town centre

Chairman Robin Smitten at a Town Hall event for the CNAAG 10th anniversary in 2015

A CNAAG social event visiting the Vulcan at Wellesbourne airfield

CNAAG at Stonehenge for an observing event with the National Trust


CNAAG view the telescopes at the  Keele University observatory 

Hindle reflector ( ex Chipping Norton – Roy Worvill ) mounted on a Grub refractor ( ex Oxford University )

History of the Hindle telescope at Keele


A CNAAG visit to Patrick Moore at home

Oxford Professor  Chris Lintott gives a talk at the Methodist Hall

Founder Chairman Robin makes a point to astronomy historian Allan Chapman –  Keele meeting 2010

Long Compton school outreach  –  setting up  –  2013

Outreach at the Ashmolean museum Oxford

CNAAG 10th anniversary meeting at Long Compton recreation ground – 2015

Shipston school outreach – 2013

And last but not least – The CNAAG catering team

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