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The Batt C of E Primary School

We were all thrilled to watch the International Space Station orbiting the earth and doing so directly over the Batt School playground! Robin had us spelled bound as he explained […]

Alert – 10/11/22

Public events coming soon: Normal face to face meetings are now being held plus an Online ( Zoom ) meeting option – if possible – arranged for members by email […]

From the Chairman – 06/06/19

Hello StarWatcher, MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY First off , i am very pleased to say that our very own David Henderson has offered to take up the role of CNAAG Membership Secretary. […]

Sir Patrick Moore 1923-2012

Astronomer, broadcaster and author, Sir Patrick Moore passed away on 9th December 2012. On Sunday 9th December 2012 the world of astronomy lost one of its most endearing and knowledgeable […]

Comet C/2012 S1

This page contains material concerning Comet C/2012 S1 ROSETTA – The Comet Hunter wakes up Overdue by an agonising fifteen minutes, signals confirmed that the European Rosetta spacecraft had woken […]