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Spectroscopy Examples

Star Spectra “The Universe is mostly hydrogen and ignorance” John Dobson A prism or diffraction grating attached to a telescope will split up the light from a star into the different wavelengths just like a rainbow .  The spectra of the stars illustrated here show some typical examples. Dark lines in the spectrum are caused […]

Margaret Burbidge ( 1919 – 2020 )

The Astronomer Margaret Burbidge has died at the age of 100. A UK national she did most of her work in the USA after obtaining a PhD, at University College London. Her researches at UCL were during the war time blitz period and she reports doing practical work while hearing the bombs going off in […]

Xmas 2019

A talk by Chris Lintott and excellent service from the catering team photo credits: Mel Gig & John Vincent – from the CNAAG facebook group postings.

Chipping Norton Astronomer – Roy Worvill

Roy Worvill ( 1914 – 2003 )   Roy Worvill was born & educated in Chipping Norton and following war-time service in the Royal Navy became a teacher of Mathematics, History and English in local secondary schools. He was a keen amateur astronomer and wrote articles for several publications including monthly “Sky at Night” articles […]

Chipping Norton Astronomer – Geoffrey Burbidge

Geoffrey Burbidge ( 1925 – 2010 ) Geoffrey Burbidge was born & educated in Chipping Norton at the Grammar School. His name appears on the old school honours board, now in the History Museum. After graduating from Bristol & UCL he did research in theoretical Astrophysics  and found international fame following publication of a paper […]